Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Times are a changing...

Well after a lot of angst, and I really do mean a lot. We made a decision to change our youngest child's school. The local school has had some serious issues and unfortunately Sam was caught up in a situation where he could no longer learn there. So we looked around for a school that would be more nurturing and that had a smaller pupil population. And with the help of friends have found a fantastic school for him, where he is settling in quickly and well.

Now the down side to this is that the school is further away and starts earlier. Effectively meaning that we need to be up and about an hour and a half earlier than we used to. Neither Sam or I are morning people. We just are not capable of being cheerful and awake in the morning. Two of my other children and my husband are all morning people. They bounce out of bed and are intent on wishing everyone and the dog a 'good morning ' and then proceed to tell you about what they have planned for the day, what the weather is like and just generally being NICE.

So Sam and I are reluctantly getting out of bed earlier. We do not wish anyone a 'good morning' and really don't give a toss about what people have planned or what the weather is doing. I didn't even know there was weather at this time of the day!

But the thing is that when you get up earlier you do fit more into the day. Which for me is a really good thing. So some of the outstanding projects are being completed or at least progressed. And the drive back from the school in the mornings gives me the time to plan my day out.

Not to mention that it gives me a little bit more time to check out whats going on in face book land :)

So the times are a changing my friends and you will be seeing lots of changes happening at Joyful Scraps too.

Till next time

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  1. Good luck Sam...and you too LeAnne. Hoping this change is for the better. xxxp