Sunday, November 13, 2011

what do you see?

When you look at a blank canvas, what do you see?
White space?
 How about possibilities? 

That's what I see Possibilities, endless possibilities.

Things around here have been very stressy the last few days (insert weeks and even months and you get the idea) so I decided to do something that I have not done in ages. Forget about everyone and everything and grab some paints and a canvas and just paint.

I think it has been a year or more since I made time to paint a canvas. something just for me.
The thing I love about acrylics is that if it doesn't work, if you don't like it, then you just paint over it.

I thought I would make it easier and instead of carting out my paint carrier with all the paints I just selected a few, add in a couple of brushes, nothing little as I just wanted to get colour onto canvas.
 Last year I took a photo and I had always thought that it would make a good painting. But today wasn't about copying something. Today was about the paint and the canvas. So I used the photo as my jumping off place so I had a fair idea of what colours I wanted. But being stressed makes me not be able to decide on things so I cut the paints down to just a few colours on my pallet.
I thought I would see how these couple of colours worked on the canvas. So I started to paint and after half an hour I had blocked in the shape and some of the colours.
 On a roll I just kept painting and painting and painting. I had forgotten how good it feels just to paint, not for anyone else just for me.
 I love when a canvas starts to 'talk' to me. I don't know how else to put it, its like the canvas starts to tell me when I need more colour or more movement etc. after an hour my arm was hurting and the colour choice had been added to. But I had only used this one brush
 Next thing I knew out came Sam and he joined in, grabbing a small canvas and painting away beside me :)
 The stress is gone and the paint is flowing
 Notice that Sam has a paint brush in his mouth? both his sister and I do that, we usually have multiple paintbrushes in our mouths stuck through our hair etc lol it must be a genetic thing
 no where near completed but definitely on the right track
 Sam and McGee both seem quite calm and I don't feel so stressed any more. 

My to do list is still there and the issues have not disappeared but for a few blissful hours I forgot about it all.
 Not worried if anyone else likes it or not My goal now is to make time to finish it.

I decided to share these as a reminder to myself and maybe to you, that we all need time to just be. Just to be for ourselves, not for our loved ones or for our friends, relatives or customers but just BE for ourselves.
I hope you all had a great weekend

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