Saturday, September 25, 2010

The best thing about holidays

I love going on holidays, the excitement, the packing, the arrival, getting to find new places and get re acquainted with old ones. But sometimes there is nothing better than coming home again.

While away I did manage to get a few scrapbook projects done, as soon as I can dig out the camera will take a photo of a couple that I can share. One I cant share just yet is a full 12x12 20 page holiday / travel scrapbook album, I will be teaching it on Wednesday the 13th October and we only have one spot left! Did you want to do the class? just email me, but be quick..... Anyway the album is to die for and takes so many photos all 4x6 so no trimming at all and I am so pleased with the way it came together :)

Thought I would share with you a photo of the view we had from our balcony....

As you can imagine this was hard to take, I mean a hard day of walking on the beach or biking in the reserves or tobogganing and all to come back to this view with a glass of wine - well anyway we are home now and right about now with the laundry overflowing with washing, Im kinda missing the view kwim.

But to keep your creative juices flowing have a look at PeaBee's blog that gorgeous bride is my very own daughter, and what about those fantastic Green Tara embellishments.

The washing is calling my name

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