Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cupcakes and paint - both are messy

We have a great range of different paint mediums in stock at Joyful Scraps. Every thing from Tattered Angels Gimmer mists to Viva Decor Terra Paint and everything in between.

I like paint. I always have, the messier the better as far as I am concerned but I do know that other people are not so keen on messy hands, thats why we also stock paint dabbers. Great product with no mess!

Really it doesnt matter what medium you use as long as you get crafting!

So if that covers the mess of the paint, whats this about cupcakes? I hear you ask.....
Themed cupcakes sounds like such a great idea, doesnt it? easy and fun - or so I thought.

In honour of my eldest grandsons third birthday , they are suppose to be cookie monster and tigers. (the tigers look more like rodents and yet they were all eaten up). 

I am sharing these in the interest of honesty and to show you why I scrapbook and not decorate cakes for a living LOL!  The funny thing is that they will look great on a layout - the photos of them that is ;0)

So how was your weekend?


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