Monday, May 2, 2011

It is time to unlock the Artist within!

Hi all
Welcome to Who's Who in Paper crafting, this month we have a fantastic ambassador for the industry. She is super talented and a terrific lady all rolled into one!

Hi, I’m Rachel! I am a professional photographer and the owner of Darkroom Door, an Australian rubber stamp and papercraft company. I’m married to Stewart, and we have two children Ethan (10 yrs) and Zoe (7  yrs). We live on the Central Coast, NSW. My history in art/craft includes: Bachelor of Visual Arts degree, Ranger Certified Instructor, Copic Certified Instructor, co-author to various scrapbooking and photography books and articles. My main passion is rubber stamping! I’ve been stamping since 1991 and have designed rubber stamps for Stamp-It Australia, Personal Impressions (UK) and now for Darkroom Door.  

So tell us Rachel how long have you been scrapbooking? Since 2001

What inspired you to scrapbook? The birth of my 1st child

Can you describe your style? Simple designs with an inky stampy feel!
What are your favourite tools? Ranger non-stick craft sheet, Archival and Distress Inks and a whole bunch of rubber stamps!

What is the biggest challenge you face? Finding the time to do everything that I want to do. I think we all feel like that though! 

Do you create every day? Most days. I also like having days away from craft too – it gives me re-newed energy when I craft again.  

Describe your perfect creative area? I’ve just set up a new craft room and so far it’s been pretty good! I have a big antique table in the middle of the room that is surrounded by shelves and drawers, which are full of stamps, inks, fabric, paper, cardstock, embellishments etc. My sewing machine is at one end and there’s a little open patio off the room which lets in loads of natural light and lots of fresh air (especially thankful for this when working with alcohol inks and other stinky mediums!) The room is near the loungeroom and kitchen, so it’s easy to do a bit of craft here and there. 

Does that resemble where you actually create? Yes!(Oh how lucky!! -note from LeAnne)
Do you prefer to create in a group or by yourself? Both. If I need to concentrate I like to work alone, but I also love creating with friends. We chat while we create, it’s fun!

What inspires you? Colour, photos, antique books, letters and postcards, other artists… 

What do you do for fun? Listen to music, hike, swim, go to the theatre, hang out with my family and friends, play the piano, read a book, fossick around flea markets, write letters and postcards. 

Can you finish this sentence: a happy day for me is.... when I’ve just cooked chocolate slice! 

So by the time I had finished the interview with Rachel I was trying to think how I could get her craft room to fit in my house and I was drooling over the idea of freshly baked chocolate slice! And then I saw the samples she had made; so now I am totally inspired as well! 

The samples were made with the following supplies:



(to see any of these items just click on them)

The May Embellishment pack is jammed packed with Darkroom Door goodies so that you can make your very own versions of these cards!

Each pack contains:
1 x Darkroom Door Wilderness Filmstrip Vol 1
1 x Darkroom Door Wilderness Filmstrip Vol 2
1 x Darkroom Door Wilderness Word strip
2 of the Darkroom Door Wilderness photo chips (these will vary in each pack)
1 x pkt size 8 tags 24in pack
1 mtr Green Tara Green mesh ribbon
1 mtr Green Tara Dark Brown Satin Leave Garland ribbon
1 mixed bag of Green Tara leaves and flowers

You can see the Embellishment pack below and find it on the Joyful Scraps site here.

Now it would not be a Who is Who without a Fantastic prize giveaway :)

The Darkroom Door prize pack includes: 
  • Seaside Montage & Wordstrips
  • Sweet Treats Montage & Wordstrips
  • Love Letters Montage & Wordstrips

For your chance to win you need to be an Australian resident and leave a comment on this post :)

You can find more of Rachel's Work here:

And don't forget to check out the Darkroom Door range available at Joyful Scraps here.
Or the May embellishment pack here.

Till next time, stay safe!


  1. I am a huge fan of Rachel and Darkroom Door! Thank you so much for the insight on what makes her tick.

  2. LOL you are so quick :)
    good luck with the draw!

  3. Rachel is such a talented photographer and creative force....I too would love to have her craft room , or room to craft. Love her stamps, love her work.

  4. I am also a big fan of Rachel and Darkroom Door.
    Love all the awesome rubber stamps,filmstrips,montages and photo chips!

  5. I really enjoyed reading this article and learning a little more about Rachel! Darkroom Door's products are top quality and wonderful to create with.

  6. I to am a great fan of Rachel and her wonderful Darkroom Door products. Thanks for this chance to win some of her new and exciting products

  7. Oh I would love Rachel's craft room as well -- love her products makes creating so much easier.

  8. Super talented lady, love her Darkroom Door Products

  9. What a great interview! I really enjoyed reading that. I love Darkroom Door stamps and related accessories, particularly the photo strips and word strips. I'm not an Australian resident, so please don't include this comment in the prize draw. But I did want to chime in with my two cents :-)

  10. Wow! The photographs are absolutely magical! Love, love, LO♥E the possibilities! Also, the image quality of the Darkroom Door stamps is like stamping a photograph! Wonderful!

  11. Great rubber stamps and photos she creates and the new Montage and Wordstrips I really love.

  12. I love the stamps and other products from darkroom door and the ideas they stimulate. Love them

  13. Rachel's creativity rocks and I happily own a few of her fabulous Darkroom Door stamp sets - but I am yet to play with the monatages and photostrips. Thanks for sharing the interview and a chance to win!

  14. This was a great interview to read. I love how rachel turns her amazing photographs into fantastic stamps. Just gorgeous and so inspiring.