Sunday, April 22, 2012

Family History a scrapbookers way

Thursday 12 April was a lovely clear day, a day for exploration, a day that held possibilities a day ripe for a trip into Sydney to explore what resources I could uncover to help me with my quest to further my knowledge of my family history.

Really as a scrapbooker I think I have left this far to long, I have not before now delved with any depth into my family history. For a few reasons, that are complicated and I won't bore you with them. However that changed this year when I decided to teach a heritage album that basically steps you through your family history.

So on this particular Thursday in April, young Sam and I went forth into the deep dark (actually brightly lit) gallows of the State Library to uncover the wealth of microfilm that is housed there. Looking for answers and finding more questions and then leading us on to more information.

The first thing I found out is that we could have just gone to our local city library as they have a family history section and the micro film there.

The second thing I found is that I do not do 'quiet'  well. And it is deafening "quiet" in the library lol.

And the last thing I found was some interesting and surprising information on the section of family that I am trying to explore.

I think I now need to re look at the information uncovered and decide what and where to go from there. We also took in the land titles office for a bit more information. And then it before we called it a day we were inspired by the amazing history of St Mary's Cathedral which is across from the land titles office.

Australia is young in terms of the rest of the world, but really we have some amazing history here.

I love the traffic lights in front of the Cathedral, its a reminder that our modern world and history sit side by side in some instances.

 The first stone for the Cathedral was laid in 1821.
As I had been, to steal a quote from a friend of mine "walking in the steps of my ancestors."  the history of the building hit home, I had been looking at a time in history when this building would have just been started. I wonder if it was cutting edge back then? And yet here it is all these years later, as I am trying to trace my family from that time, still standing a commanding presence with its wonderful stone work.

If you have not yet explored your family heritage I would urge you to start, it takes way longer than you think. And as scrapbookers I think we will give family history a whole new twist. How wonderful to have an album/s that give you a sense of the times that your great great grandparents were married in.

I would love to hear if you have explored your family tree and any tips you would be willing to share would be fantastic!

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