Friday, April 13, 2012

Scrapbook haven and photo tricks

Hi everyone, I have been looking at peoples scrap spaces and feeling that mine is a bit neglected. I really want to change it around and give it (and me) new life. Not sure how though as what I really love about this area is that I can sit and watch tv as I scrap......
The best thing I ever bought for my scrap room is this wonderful tv cupboard, because it is so deep I can put paper holders on the shelves and then put other things in front. not to mention the baskets it can hold. The double doors in the front fold back so that the whole area is open, and then closes back to be nice and neat.
My original idea was that there would be heaps of framed layouts, mini albums and off the page items on the top of the cupboard, instead it is piled high with unfinished items, things for inspiration and probably a good layer of dust.
Inside however is a whole other story.
Shelves and baskets, my tool box storage and behind them more baskets. the baskets are sitting on an inner shelf that is removable, I think the original purpose would be to put the video player in there, but for me it works for my trimmers and extra mats!
then my favourite part, the extra deep drawer at the bottom, probably to house a mountain of videos but for me it houses my punches, I can open the drawer up and see them all, I love it!

While I love this cupboard I know that I need to change the room around, where I can put it not sure yet but will be considering all options.....

The cool photo effects here are not done with photoshop ( I know gasp horror) a friend sent me a link to check out this cool website and so now I am sharing it all with you.
If you are looking for easy to use, extremely cool photo tricks then this is for you:
Have fun!

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