Sunday, April 29, 2012

Whats in a definition?

So what is in a definition? A LOT apparently.

My definition of trim would be: to lightly cut and shape, to bring order, to return to former state
My definition of annihilate would be: to remove any living thing, to render useless

Now apparently my definition of annihilate is the same as my husbands definition of trim! So when he said to me that he was going to trim the vines on the pergola out side of our bedroom. My heart did not stop, it did not even quicken, little did I know.

You see I had been growing vines, a variety of vines up and over the pergola for about 9 years. In that time I often trimmed it. And trimming it made it grow thicker.
 This was the before photo, taken about two years ago. Look at those vines....
 And these are the after photos....Just look at those poor bare wires, not to mention that the cherub is now going to get sunburned!

 These were taken about a week before the 'trim' just some of the wonderful flowers in the pergola. And now....

I loved the dappled light, perfect for taking photos. In fact I have taken lots of belly shots of my daughter and daughter in law during their pregnancies in this room, near the window, with the lovely dappled light and the lush green vines in the background.

It also made the perfect place to take brand new baby photos.

It was my secret garden, keeping the neighbours eyes away from this room.

It was cool in summer

It was a haven for the little blue wrens that made their nests in the vines each year.

It was but it is no more....

So a note to self, check our definitions are the same.

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  1. It must be a testosterone S "cleaned up" our yard and now instead of two lush flowering camelias out front I have two sticks - not a branch to be seen.